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 Newborns. They are perfect just as they are.

Families book me because I photograph them in a simple style with the aim to capture what’s real.

With the soft window light and a simple cloth background, I gently guide a baby into a pose that is comfortable for them. There is no need for props or costumes.

Your baby will be lovingly photographed in an honest way for images that allow you to relieve those days again and again.

Without unnecessary distractions.

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Your newborn session should take place when your baby is under sixteen days old to capture the raw beautiful new beginning of your baby's life. You can expect tiny, curly and sleepy images consistent with what you see throughout my newborn portfolio.

Newborn session in studio is un-hurried and entirely about your baby. I fully expect our session to run through at your baby's speed and maximum amount of time is always allocated to settle & feed. 

I try my best to tell it like it is, capture every detail beautifully and create meaningful images to help you remember this moment in your life. All blankets and wraps are provided for in keeping with the natural and minimalistic style.


There is no limit on photographing a small baby - if you have a newborn older than 16 days I can still help you. A baby who is 3-8 weeks old will likely be more awake during the shoot and my focus will be on their eye contact, movement, and everything that makes up who they are at this point in time.  


I have a beautiful dedicated studio space which I created in my home, North-East Melbourne. Typically, sessions take between 2-4 hours revolving around settling and feeding to ensure your baby is comfortable.  

To view an example of a newborn studio session click here.

to those wanting to bundle their sessions, i have maternity & newborn photography experience also available as package

I believe that photographs are meant to be seen


Below is an example of beautiful art prints you will receive in your parcel as a tangible part of your newborn session experience with me.

You will love the way they make your house a home. 


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prints by The Fitzroys Photography-1.jpg
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All my Newborn sessions are all inclusive as I like to keep things simple for my clients. This means you don't have to choose your images for a price, you just receive the entire session content through temporary online personal gallery ready to download, make prints or anything you wish.

You will receive a very minimum of 50 images. The number of images you receive is determined by how the session goes and my aim is to provide as many as I can for you.

Here you will find detailed session PRICING


Your newborn photography session should ideally be booked while you are still pregnant as this is crucial to secure your date. I only take limited number of clients per month and am often booked up several months in advance.

As I can book out several months in advance, it is best to secure your place early in your pregnancy. Occasionally I am able to allocate a session space in short notice.


We won’t know when your baby will actually arrive so I block out session times surrounding your due date and we confirm an actual date once your baby has arrived.


To proceed with a booking, payment of a $100 deposit and e-signature on the session contract is required to secure your session.

If you would like more information, ask questions or book a Newborn Session, just fill out the CONTACT form and I will get back to you within the next few days. 



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