bump & you



 Isn't it remarkable what your body is capable of doing? 

And without anything else, at this point in time your hard work of bringing new life is amazing enough to be celebrated. 

How do you want to embrace your baby bump?


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These sessions are all about celebrating womanhood, noticing the changes your body is going through and embracing the process of bringing new life Earth side.

The sessions are for Mama who wishes to capture the moment in time with elegant images in simple and classic style. 

It is all about the baby bump and you together with focus on authentic emotions and enhancing the natural moments, without any pressure of showing skin.

I photograph you in in my beautiful home studio in natural style and the process is bespoke to you.


Dad & siblings are also more than welcome to take part and join in the session 20 mins before session ends. 

Take a shortcut to the maternity gallery page.



These sessions take 90 min and are shot in the mornings.


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My Maternity sessions are all inclusive.  This means you don't have to choose your images for a price, you just get the entire session content through temporary online personal gallery ready to make prints or anything you wish.

 The number of images you receive is determined by how the session goes and my aim is to provide as many as I can for you. You can expect a very minimum of 20 images.

Details on session and pricing can be found here 


 I suggest to contact me as soon as possible because I take limited number of clients each month. 

I tend to book maternity photography sessions for 2-6 weeks before your due date.


If you would like more information, ask questions or book a Maternity session, just use the CONTACT form and get in touch. I will get back to you in the next couple of days.


To those wanting to bundle their sessions, I have maternity & newborn photography experience also available as package


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