NATURAL & BABY-LED sitter sessions


It is an absolute privilege to get to photograph babies. They are perfect just as they are and don’t need much to add to. Because of this I photograph them in a simple style.

 Your baby is my guide for the session and my approach is baby-led, allowing them to be themselves and comfortable paying, laughing and having fun!


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Baby photography is so important, in that first year your baby changes more than they ever will again.

The sessions are for Parents who wish to capture the moment in time with elegant images in simple and natural style. 

It is all about your baby reaching this milestone with natural moments of play in the process that is bespoke to your little one.

I believe that baby photography should capture their personalities and every little detail, from the tips of their chubby little toes, to the tops of their heads with all that adorable soft baby hair.

The best age for baby photography is 7-10 months, because they're generally sitting on their own showing off their sweet baby rolls. Every baby photographer loves the little baby rolls and they disappear so quickly when babies start to walk!

This is also a great time to observe how curious they become and how sweet they are while mastering new skills.

During that age they like gripping tightly to toys and nibble on all that’s in their reach. They will make beautiful eye contact and smile gummy smiles!



I have a nice and cosy home studio in Mill Park in Melbourne North. Typically sessions take approximately 40-60mins.



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My Sitter/Baby Sessions are all inclusive.  This means you don't have to choose your images for a price, you just get the entire session content through temporary online personal gallery ready to make prints or anything you wish.

The number of images you get is determined by how the session goes and my aim is to get as much as I can for you. You can expect a very minimum of 20 images.

Here you can find detailed PRICING

memories that matter.

Photography gives us the chance to capture those perfect fleeting moments to treasure forever.


These images should be displayed in your home as a wonderful reminder of how small they once were, but planning, printing and organising photos is a challenge, especially with little feet running around.

Your session includes a personally designed, printed collage featuring 4 beautiful images from your session.

12x12 inch fine art four image collage print will be available within approximately two weeks after you finalise the choice of images.



Have I mentioned that my studio is full of natural wooden toys? They are all stunning and nice to photograph while your baby is having great play time!



I can only take limited number of clients per month and it is always best to book early If you are planning for this milestone session, I suggest my clients to contact me around 4th month mark to ensure the space for your baby’s session at 7th months.


If you would like more information, ask questions or book a Sitter session, just fill out the CONTACT form and I will get back to you within the next 48h. 


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